Debrisol Wound Spray

Debrisol Wound Spray

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Troy Debrisol Wound Spray

Troy Debrisol Wound Spray is an enzymatic wound spray for use in treating wounds by removing dead tissue and pus. By removing pus and decaying tissue, healthy tissue growth can be promoted and lead to quicker healing and less scarring.

Contains the enzyme trypsin, which works by melting away dead tissue, with no affect on living tissue. Castor oil is included to provide a soothing feel, and as a solvent for other ingredients. Balsam peru is included in the formulation to provide a makeshift covering and ensure the wound doesnt get contaminated.

Key Features:

  • Wound-debriding spray
  • For use in wounds to melt away dead tissue and pus
  • Non painful and doesnt affect living tissue
  • Castor oil for soothing effect
  • Balsam peru ingredient to provide covering and reduce contamination

Usage Instructions:

Spray the affected area to achieve full coverage, apply 2 to 3 times daily.